Citrus Bowl Group Chat

Hello! Hopefully, everyone receives this email. I’ll also post to our website announcements as CFU has been rejecting my emails for some reason.If you are coming with us to the bowl or would like to keep updated on the information being shared… I recommend you join our group chat on GroupMe. You can join using this link: When you join, you’ll have to send some kind of message so the system recognizes that you’ve opted Read more…


CFU Emails Addresses

It has come to my attention that CFU email addresses are not receiving my emails. If you have a CFU email, please do the following: Add “” to your address bookSend me an email to let me know you are using a CFU email addressIf you have a non CFU email that I can send to instead, please send that to me Moving forward –  I’ll be adding everything I email to the website, under Read more…

All Male

2019 State Dance ISDTA Apparel Orders

You can pre-order your 2019 state dance apparel by going to All orders will be billed to your school account. These are optional, but you save 25% if you order online and guarantee you get the size you want. We will also get CFDT state shirts in addition to this. ALL PRE-ORDERS ARE DUE BY SEPTEMBER 21ST!