Hi everyone –

Regionals are fast approaching! Here is some info:

Date: Saturday, January 19th
Location: Southeast Polk High School (Altoona, IA)
Performance Time: 12:50 pm (be early in case the competition runs early)
Awards: 7:25 pm 

Dancers will meet at the CF High School at 7:15 am on Saturday. We have school vans reserved which coaches will drive. Vans will leave at 7:30 am after bag checks. Bag checks are just to make sure everyone has all of the required costume pieces.

Dancers DO NOT need to have a costume on, or hair/makeup done. We will do that all together at the competition when we arrive. Dancers should wear comfortable pants, shoes, and a team jacket if they have one.

All dancers are required to ride down to the competition with the team. During the day, we expect dancers to spend time with their teammates watching the competition and hanging out together. We’ll eat a light lunch before we perform, and do an early team dinner after the performance and before awards.

After awards are over, your dancer is welcome to ride home with you. However, I will need to hear from you directly that you are taking your child before you leave on Saturday. We cannot allow you to take other dancers with you, without prior written approval from that dancer’s parent/guardian. Dancers are more than welcome to ride back with the team.
This is my first time attending this event so I’m not 100% sure how it all works in terms of awards and operations. I will do my best to answer questions. It’s the same company that puts on our camp so I’m confident it will be a fun and well-run experience!

The girls looked great at the West Show on Sunday. Looking forward to a great Regionals experience!

Coach Alyssa

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