Score Sheet used by the judges

General Tryout:

  • Appearance* (10 points)
  • Pom (30 points)
    • Pom Technique (10)
    • Pom Execution (10)
    • Pom Showmanship (10)
  • Hip Hop (30 points)
    • Hip Hop Technique (10)
    • Hip Hop Execution (10)
    • Hip Hop Showmanship (10)
  • TOTAL (70 points)

*To receive full appearance points you must:

  • Wear a plain white shirt with no writing.
  • Wear black pants or leggings.
  • Wear your hair up and off your face and shoulders.
  • Absolutely NO jewelry.
  • Be performance ready:
    • Hair properly secured.
    • Full makeup (foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, etc.)

Bonus Points:

  • Triple Pirouette (-1 to +1)
  • Quad Pirouette (-1 to +1)
  • Turns in 2nd (-1 to +1)
  • Turning Disc (-1 to +1)
  • Kip Up (-1 to +1)
  • Aerial (-1 to +1)
  • Walk Over (-1 to +1)
  • 1 Handed Cartwheel  (-1 to +1)
  • Leg hold turn (-1 to +1)

Total Bonus Points: 9

How bonus points work:

In order to try for a bonus point, you must receive a varsity call back. After Varsity call backs, we’ll ask anyone who wants to try a bonus point skill to come back to the judging area.

You will get 1 attempt to try the bonus skill. The bonus points are added to your overall score average. A perfect tryout score is 79.

  • If you perform the skill well, and we think we could put it in a routine tomorrow – you will get 1 bonus point for that skill.
  • If you are close, but don’t quite have the skill – you will get 0 bonus points for that skill.
  • If you do the skill poorly and/or are not close to getting it – you will lose 1 point for that skill.

The reason we might take away a point if the skill is done poorly is because many of the bonus skills can be dangerous without proper training and practice. We do not want to encourage people to come out and “just try it”, without being properly prepared to do so.

If you questions about the score sheet, please contact Coach Nolte.