Attendance is mandatory for practices, games, parades, competitions, team fundraisers, and team building events. This is how we create a functional and successful team.

All dancers will be given a practice and performance schedule. Dancers and parents can also check team website here for the schedule. It is important that all dancers be at all practices and events. If a dancer cannot be present, we expect to be told by the dancer ahead of time and reminded prior to the absence via email or voice message from the parent.
* Do not plan to work until a half hour after the scheduled practice time; therefore, you will need to make alterations to the schedule before turning it into employers.

Attendance at school is critical to succeed both in the classroom and on the dance floor. Please do not allow your daughter to miss a class to sleep-in, especially if it is following a competition or dance team event. This reflects poorly on the team.

Excused absences

  • Illness with medical attention
  • Funerals
  • Family wedding
  • School field trip

Unexcused absences

  • Appointments
  • Senior pictures
  • Concerts
  • Driver’s Ed classes
  • Make-up Tests
  • Unplanned vacations

**Please give us at least 2 weeks notice for any excused absence. Absences must be excused by a coach in writing.

  • Failure to contact could cause removal from the next performance.
  • More than three absences from practice may result in removal from competition routines or the routine the team is working on.
  • Being on time for practice and ready to warm-up is mandatory, at least 5 minutes early.
  • If a dancer is absent from school and practice for two or more days, the dancer should not expect to perform at the next performance.
  • The coach will decide if a dancer is ready to perform depending on how many practices the dancer misses. And general preparedness to perform. The coach knows what is best for the dancer and the entire team.
  • If on academic probation or code violation, dancers must still attend all practices and dance on the side until put back into formations.
  • If a dancer becomes eligible after serving academic probation or code violation, the coach decides when the dancer can be put back into formations.

Practice Attendance Expectations

  • Choreography practices during the summer are expected.
  • Absence from choreography practice in the summer may result in an alternate position for that routine.
  • Any dancer that does not meet the criteria and dance level for a routine learned over the summer may be asked to sit out of performances until she reaches the level of her fellow dancers. We may audition for routines.
  • Absence for more than one day of learning a competition routine in the school year may make you an alternate for the routine or moved to a different position.
  • If on academic probation/monitor or conduct violation when learning a competition routine the dancer may become an alternate for that routine.
  • If a dancer misses a practice or practices the week directly before a performance, the dancer may not perform that weekend. This is because the dancer is usually too weak; however if the dancer is healthy and the coach sees it is in the best interest of the team the dancer may perform.

Philosophy behind the rules:

  • When we learn a routine we need all the dancers present to ensure the choreography works. The vision of the choreography depends on all members dancing in their assigned placements.
  • When drilling, perfecting, and critiquing a routine before a competition, it is critical to have all dancers present.
  • When you have this many girls who are sweating and working hard to make the routine perfect, it is important for all girls to be at practice to maintain a positive team atmosphere.
  • It is important for alternates to attend, learn, and perfect routines as they may have to fill in at a minutes notice due to an unforeseen injury/illness of another team mate.